You learn something new every day, right? One valuable lesson I learned this weekend was that grocery shopping on a Saturday afternoon should be avoided at all costs.
Today I opened a new bank account and got my bills all set up to automatically come out each month.... it should make life much easier! While things like paying bills here can be done at any 7-11, it's easier not to have to worry about it, or to risk forgetting about it and incurring late payments.
There are three typhoons in the area right now, but it looks like only one will hit Taiwan. Chances are low that we'll have a "Day After Tomorrow" scenario where they merge into one super-typhoon (which would be kinda cool in theory, if it weren't coming toward your little island).
Pet peeve of the week: people who I regularly speak Chinese with (more often than they speak English with me) saying "Maybe you can practice your Chinese with _____" or asking me if i can say basic things that they've heard me say before "Do you know how to introduce yourself in Chinese?"
Cute question of the week: the lady at the bank today was making small talk and asked "What are you?" I know she was inquiring about my occupation, but it was still amusing... "I'm a human, what are you?"


  1. LOL about the "what are you?" question!!

  2. Hey Char... nice to hear from. We are always thinking and praying for you. I don't know if you know but that Carmen is now in Peru! Just wanted to let you know if you didn't...


  3. So I finally got to catch up on my char reading...
    first, you look adorable in your beach outfit, a few posts ago, two your apartment is fantastically cool. But I think the next time I need to be subdued my the american ideal that says my apartment is small (which is actually one of the things I like about my place)I will think of apartments in Taiwan.
    And lastly the red sink/bathtub/toilet is smokin' hot... if bathroom fixtures ever could be.

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