Top 10 reasons for YOU to come visit me in Taiwan

I've spent the last 6 days giving my friend Amanda a whirlwind tour of Taiwan, including many of what (I think) are the best things to do and see in Taiwan! I'm tired, a little sunburnt, and more than a little bruised after a tiny scooter mishap, but it was a great time! More details to come soon!


  1. cute, creative way to show your trip. i love the idea.

    looks like you and I agree on some of the top things to do in Taiwan. :)

    when my litle brother came we did most of the same things--except for east coast bit. which is a beautiful and fun trip, but we did get to go to Kenting.

    hope you are ok after your "mishap." are is your licence hunt going? have you been able to get one yet?

  2. just bruises, one huge, but fortunately it was in a really muddy spot (which vitally contributed to the mishap)so my landing was pretty soft.
    It looks like I won't be able to get my license :(:(:( very sad, but my ARC for some freakish reson is only 11 months... anyways, when my parents come i'll switch Green Island for Kenting. Are you back now? I'll be home and staying put for awhile starting tomorrow! I'm so behind on blogs and emails.


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