Beating the Heat

It is HOT here! Only to be expected of summer on the 24th parallel, remember, the Canada/US border is on the 49th! I went with my Chinese teacher and some of the kids from their church to Children's festival (another area I hadn't gone to last time) and I may be going back tomorrow with some friends. Here are some pics of the kids playing, doesn't it look fun???

Also in the plans this week (hopefully) getting my driver's license. I'll let you know tomorrow (or if i fail, maybe i won't let you know!). I borrowed a scooter to take the test on and I drove it around this afternoon. Wish me luck! I've been taking some online practice tests with very interesting translations of the questions. For example:
  • (True or False) Motorcyclist must avoid the blind spots, to avoid accidents from happening when other cars are making turns.
  • (True or False) Randomly honking the horn create the noise pollution. It is immoral behavior.
  • Driving car a living is called(1)ordinary driver(2)ordinary driver or professional driver(3)professional
  • If you slip and fall down because there is some oil on the road, you should (1)take it as bad luck and ride away(2)report to the nearest police station.(3)put tree branches or other visible markings on the area to warn other people.
  • If a motorist wants to keep the traffic order to gain a good image for the country, strengthen the social safety and have the happiness of his family, he should(1)have good riding moral and spirit of obeying the law. (2)have good riding skills (3)not smoke and drink.


  1. Anonymous8:37 pm

    Jia yo!

  2. Wow those are some pretty amazing can really see the culture difference, even through the language problems!
    Good luck!
    Sarah :)


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