Summer Fun

How hot is it where you are??
It's hot and humid here, though only 32 degrees today.
There's another typhoon coming.... I don't think it will be very big, but we may have to cancel our classes on Friday.
Summer is in full swing, and to celebrate, here are some pictures from the beach I went to in South Korea (Busan) and the aquarium.

The water was cold!

A view of the beach.


King crab.

Hey duuuuude!

The special exhibition at the end was frogs. Rosalee said last time she went it was sheep etc. so NOT something that belongs in an aquarium!


  1. Is that your new swimsuit in the first pic? It's CUTE!

  2. Hey Char, it's only 30 degrees today! Glory be! lol :)

  3. Oh, Cai Lin, how I miss you. I hope moving, cleaning, packing, etc, is going well!


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