One camp down, two to go

Friday was our last day of camps, and it went so well! I really enjoyed having those students for two weeks, and I even taught my evening high school students how to play Uno! They had a great time catching each other, and got really into the game.
This morning I visited the church where I'll be doing camp next week, but it's a little less intensive, just two hours a day there, but I have to travel to LuoDong every day (10 minutes by train). This week I'm ALSO starting two evening classes at the church and one morning class at a high school. My high school classes for the summer all start at 8am... so perhaps I will have to mend my night owl ways until the fall, sigh...
I'm moving on Tuesday, but I've been slowly taking stuff over on my bike every time I go. I still have to give the kitchen a good scrub to try to get rid of a large accumulation of grease... YUCK. I discovered today that I have some foreign neighbours (2 floors above me) when I almost locked one out of the building. I ran upstairs to take some clothes out of the washer and hang them up, and when I entered the building the front door (you need a card to get in) was standing open. When I came back down, I saw it was still open, and figured maybe someone forgot to close it, so I closed it behind me. Just then a girl came running up to me and started asking me in broken Chinese why I 'opened' the door (she meant to say closed). I kind of wondered if she was European or something and that's why she was speaking to me in Chinese, but it turned out she just didn't realize I was a foreigner too! She'd just taken her garbage out (though i think the door had been left open by someone previous to her, since she wasn't around when I went into the building). Anyways, we got all that sorted out, and made small talk for a bit. Hopefully our future meetings won't be so confusing!


  1. Um, she didn't realize you were a foreigner??? Did she SEE your face?

  2. lol yeah, it was wierd... it was a little dark... i guess... it was like 8:00pm... even so... i'm so white i practically glow in the dark!

  3. Ooh, that reminds me, I went to this country concert last night, and there was this girl in front of me that looked JUST like you from the back (except that I've never seen you in a cowgirl hat). I was kind of mad at her for not being you.


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