My new apartment!

The view from my balcony.

I received the keys to the place I'll be moving into today, and I went to take some pictures and set out some bug poison. Over the next couple weeks I'll be cleaning, packing moving, etc. etc. etc. Anyways, here are the "before" pictures, if you will. I'll be sure to take more once I'm moved in.
A little curtain can be pulled to separate off the kitchen/bathroom/balcony. I'm planning to move the wardrobe to the middle of the room to kind of divide living room from sleeping area.

Table and loveseat.

The kitchen. Washing machine is out on the balcony. Still no dryer.. I'm starting to wonder if that amazing machine really does exist, or if it was all just a beautiful memory...

Bathtub, MUCH nicer than this one.

Red toilet.

Standing at the kitchen looking toward the door. There's a small storage space that overlooks the courtyard. Not bad at all.


  1. Char, that looks AWESOME! I really want to come visit it (and you). I wonder how hard it would be to buy/install a dryer.

  2. Looks like a nice place. Dad and I can hardly wait to get there. Are you sure all of your "STUFF" will fit?

  3. i don't know where all my stuff comes from, or how i manage to accumulate so much... i'm thinking i need to buy one bookshelf for the wall by the tv.

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    Enjoyed a lot! »


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