Computer Crash

I didn't disappear after Jinju, and as my previous post said, I am back safe and sound, though dreadfully busy. On Monday I had the misfortune of a computer crash, just in case I didn't have enough stress in my life. So I've spent time in between and after classes this week trying to get it fixed.
Since Monday, I've been teaching 3 times per day - morning, afternoon, and evening. It's been very busy. I almost feel like I'm back in that Brazil experience, preparing for class up until about 15 minutes before it begins, not sure what I'll be teaching the next day. Actually it's gotten a little better now, but it was REALLY chaotic at first. I recall my VBS years at the Church of God, this is definitely not the well-oiled machine that that program seemed to be. Some of the teachers went to their classes on the first day to find them locked etc. Anyways, I've been enjoying my classes so far, though I've struggled somewhat with teaching the elementary class. I haven't taught that age for about a year, and I didn't feel that happy with either my lessons or classroom management. Things are getting better, but I have one really naughty boy in my class who never stops talking, taking things from other people and wandering around the room. Even the other kids kept telling him to shut up. He doesn't really respond to discipline. Anyways, I guess I'd better get used to teaching kids since I'll be running two more camps this summer. Also I'm not happy with the amount of Chinese I've been using in class (too much) but I've noticed that the students get really frustrated and start acting out more if they can't understand for too long. They're not used to struggling for the meaning b/c most of their English teachers are Taiwanese who teach English in Chinese. I don't want to do this. I'm using less Chinese than a typical Taiwanese teacher would, but still more than I'd like.
In addition to all of that, I'm preparing to move in two weeks!! Here's a cool story:
A couple of months ago, when I first decided I wanted to move, one of my friends, Debbie (her English name) got me in touch with someone who had an apartment available. When we went to see it, the current tenant was wanting to move out right away, and since I wasn't ready to move yet, I figured to just forget about the place. On Wednesday I met with Paul, who is helping me find an apartment (a co-worker) and he told me he'd been looking for 2 days and couldn't find anything suitable, and was feeling really stressed out! I told him not to worry about it, and said it's ok... God knows where my apartment is, we don't know yet, but God has already prepared it. Then I remembered that place I'd gone to see, and though I figured it wasn't available anymore, I figured it couldn't hurt to call and see. Within 10 minutes the landlord had called back and we were on our way to see the place! Before I knew it, things were decided and my moving date was set! After waiting and waiting for a few months of nothing happening, suddenly it's all done. It's really insane. But that's how things happen in Taiwan. SO I can pick up the key on the 10th of July and start cleaning the place before I move in. I can move in starting on the 16th. I don't know when I'm going to find time to move with everything else though.
Anyways, I've got to go to class now, then it's the WEEKEND!!


  1. Wow, char, sounds like you're crazy buzy! But I'm glad you have a new place to live soon, (God sure did work it out) and had a great trip with/in Jinju- I thoroughly enjoyed the pics! You're looking good! Oh and the food did too. :)
    Love the building structures; wish I could visit you. Oh well, I'll be praying for you that life calms down a little and that you will know how the work with that one little boy (who doesn't listen well). Hope you get your computer back in running shape too! Isn't it funny how life's inconveniences seem to all attack at the same time? Well, sometimes, anyways. I have homework to do for my course (due next week) and I just got sick 3 days ago, so I've been blah, and of course I have a headache right now and Drake went to camp for a week, so I'm sick and tired and lonely and stressing out at the same time! Ahhhh! I am also running a pre Peru VBS on Sun (tomorrow) with the Sunday school class from the church, so I've got my work cut out for me! But life is still good and God is definitely good and when we look back, we will see how he guided us through these crazy times and thank Him (like always)! I love you alot, girl1! Keep posting, and I'll keep commenting! Love Carmen


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