Seoul Adventures

I've been at Rosalee's for a day now, I went to her classes yesterday, and out for dinner with some of her friends. Everyone is really friendly and has lots of questions for me, especially her students (Are you rich? What's your IQ? What do you like?)
We had an exciting but exhausting weekend in Seoul, which started on Saturday afternoon as Amanda and I took the train to Seoul Station, and began our mastery of the subway system. Seoul has a subway network of maybe 8 lines, all color coded. We spent a lot of time underground transferring, and going from one place to the next. We visited a few different tourist areas, had dinner at Outback, went to Seoul tower, attended the biggest church in the world, and finished our afternoon with a boat tour down the Han river. I really enjoyed seeing so much of the city, though it's impossible to "do" Seoul in just 2 days. By the time we reached the bus terminal that would take us South, we were ready to collapse. I took tons of pictures, which will later be uploaded for your viewing pleasure, as well as a more detailed account, but I just wanted to write a short update so you know I'm still alive over here!


  1. i wasnt even aware there were so many interesting sightseeing places in the city; i am eager to see your pictures

  2. Glad to see that you are a Seoul Survivor!


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