Madame Toussad's Wax Museum

Last time I went to Hong Kong, it wasn't open yet, but now it's open for a "preview" which I think is a pretty worthwhile preview. You can see the museum's website here. They already have tons of figures there! I really enjoyed it, especially upon realizing that visitors are allowed to take pictures and touch the statues. Actually the set up is really original, with tons of props and opportunities to take different photos. You can putt with Tiger Woods, paint with Picasso, and pose with the queen. Unfortunately, I was there by myself, so for the most part was resolved to take pictures rather than join in, though I did get into a couple. It was fairly crowded, so I didn't want to take a long time trying to set up a shot with my auto timer etc. In my opinion they've done an amazing job with the statues, and a lot of them look very realistic, and very similar to the person they represent! So without further ado, here's me hanging out with Hugh Grant, Einstein, the Beatles and more. Actually I only posted about half the pics I took because I didn't want to bore everyone.. but if you want to see more let me know!