In church this morning, we had a guest speaker. A pastor from Korea. He spoke in Japanese, which was then interpreted by a Taiwanese woman who was speaking her second language: Mandarin. This was then filtered through my limited Mandarin abilities into English. Talk about the international church!

My classes are slowly ending for this semester. Next week will be my last classes at the church and our party. The week after will be my final classes at the schools before their final exams. On the 22 I'm going to Korea for 10 days! Right after I return I'm apparently helping with some camps here, but I haven't yet figured out in what capacity. Flexibility I guess. My summer schedule hasn't been confirmed yet, but I'll teaching at at least 2 schools and doing various camps and classes. It will be nice to have a change in schedule, since it's been almost the same every week since September. I should know more about all of these things this coming week.


  1. I am envious!! Korea is on my want to visit list--right next to Thailand.

    Well, they are not next to each other on the map . . . just on my list. :P

    Have FUN!!!!

  2. I am so proud to have you in my life! A good friend (laughs.............)!

  3. Thailand is on my list too, but I don't want to go by myself, so maybe it will be a little while before I will get there. But hey, when in Asia...
    ...go as many places as possible because it's a whole lot easier from Taiwan than from North America!

  4. awesome!

    3 more weeks til i leave for taiwan!


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