Guang Jie

I am now the proud owner of a Working House VIP card! Which I think gets me a discount on future visits. Working House is kind of like Taiwan's version of Ikea, but on a smaller scale. It's a store where you can buy all kinds of household items with a lot of unique and great looking designs. It's a fun place to shop or just to look around without buying anything. In fact, on more than one occasion when I've been out with friends, they've asked me if I want to go "guang" working house.
The word "guang" in Chinese means to look around, especially in the context of window shopping. Actually when I first came to Taiwan I thought the word for Night market was "guang jie" because that's what people said when they wanted to go to the night market (to go look around the shops on the street).
Taiwanese are experts at the art of "guang." Though sometimes it gets frustrating when you're in a hurry and stuck behind some people leisurely sauntering through the market and gazing at every vendor's goods, it's also taught me to slow down a little.


  1. That's too funny about mistaking "guang jie" to mean "night market."

    Before I came here--when I was in college--I would go to Target for hours at a time just to get alone time. But, here it is not common to see someone "guang jie" alone--like most activities, it is typically a group thing. So, for me, it was that aspect of "guang jie" that took awhile to grasp. :)

    and . . . by VIP card do you mean you signed up and got the paper one or have you bought enough there to have been sent the plastic one? just curious. . . I LOVE working house!! Many of the decorations--lamps, wall clocks, all my dishes--come from there!

  2. I signed up and got the paper one, because I spent more than $500 at one time, which I don't usually do. I'm not actually sure what kind of discounts it entitles me to, but i filled out the form! Canada doesn't have Target, but I've heard it's great. Is it closer to Working House than Ikea?

  3. Hi Char,

    I stumbled onto your site via Drake's am so proud of you for creating an adventure for yourself! These are memories that will last you a lifetime. I am so impressed that you ave a Chinese blog... that's incredible!

    I love reading about your adventures in Asia and the fun things you are doing... I hope that's ok with you!


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