gao bu qing chu

I think today could be considered a "stressful" day. It was filled with a lot of confusion, which is the meaning of the title phrase. Trying to figure things out for the fast approaching summer is less than simple. I'm going to be doing camps at 3 different churches, and today involved coordinating times and curriculums, and adding other classes. Plus I had my Chinese class and an end of class party for my two conversation classes (which I baked a cake for). Anyways, here's my schedule for the next few weeks:

June 22-July 1 - Go to Korea
July 2-14 camps in Yilan church
July 17-21 camp in another church
July 17-Aug 11 class in the boys' high school once a week
July 27-Aug 18 class in the girls' high school twice a week
July 31-Aug 1 - camp in the same church as my Chinese class
July 19-Aug 25 evening classes twice a week in Yilan church

Somewhere in there, I want to go to Yuli, and visit my friends who I haven't seen in AGES, perhaps go camping in Taroko gorge or go to Green Island again, oh yeah, and update my blog regularly!


  1. And you told me a few weeks ago that MY life looked busy...

  2. Hey Char!

    Hope you get all the details worked out for your summer.

    I've been enjoying the beach, the starfish, the sandcastle building contests, and just gazing at God's beautiful creation.

    I think I might buy a kite when I get a paycheck. what do you think? Is that a good idea?

    love you,
    -Rebekah :)


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