The weather is getting hot and to celebrate, I watched The Polar Express. Well actually someone lent it to me, so I watched it.
The rallies on Monday and Tuesday went well, and were a lot of fun. I'm used to teaching, but being on stage in front of 20x my regular number of students is not quite the same. Fortunately I didn't have to say much. I did get to sing an old favorite: Rang Taiwan Ke Ai Qi Lai, which translates to Make Taiwan Love-able, a song which Hope and I sang on a number of occasions last year including repeatedly at Christmas and whenever we had to sing karaoke. As of today it's one of only 3 Chinese songs I can sing completely from memory.
Dragon boat festival is coming up next week, so on my bike rides I've been able to see teams practicing in the river. Also I was able to buy rice dumplings (pictured above) for lunch today. It's probably been about a year since I ate them last. The ones I had today were much tastier than the ones I recall from last year.
Since I talked about travel in my class tonight, here is a short survey for you:
  1. Would you rather travel all around your own country or all around the world?
  2. Do you like trying strange foods?
  3. Will you only visit a country if you know someone there?
  4. Do you prefer driving your own car or taking public transit?
  5. Will you only travel to a country where you can speak the language?
  6. When flying do you prefer the window, aisle or (heaven forbid) the middle seat?
Stay tuned for my answers in the next post.


  1. 1. both. love to travel the US and TW more extensively but also around the world!

    2. yeah!!!!!!

    3. nope. will go anywhere

    4. depends. like public transportation and walking.

    5. nope.

    6. window!

  2. Ok, so rang taiwan, all in all, what's number 3?

  3. what about liang zhi lao hu? zhu ni sheng ri kuai le? zhi ni shi wo zui ai?

  4. 1. world
    2. haha, i guess not too much
    3. no
    4. driving
    5. no
    6. window, though if i can have the whole thing to myself that is the best.

  5. Well I was thinking Liang Zhi Lao Hu, but now that you mention it, there is Happy Birthday and that one we learned in Chinese class Yesu shi Shang Di di er zi. Zhu ni shi wo zui ai I can sing a lot of but not every word, there are a lot of those like Yesu ai wo.

  6. Oh, and Hallelu, hallelu hallelu halleluiah zan mei wo Zhu.
    What about I like Bananas-the Chinese version?

  7. let's see...
    Wo xi huan xiang jiao, man guo hen tian, wo xi huan mu guo, (dan dang?) bu xiang, Shang Di de ai.
    Actually I might bring back the fruit lessons this summer at a camp in Wu Jie. I haven't decided yet.


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