Today's Chatter

  • I have a new student in my Wednesday night class, his name is Kongeearthur. He explained that "Arthur" is too common and Americanized, so he added a Taiwanese (?) aspect to it.
  • There's a typhoon coming (in MAY? what the crap?)
  • My kitchen (our perhaps i should say the church kitchen which I share) is filled with buckets of flowers in preparation for Mother's Day
  • I got a compliment on my Hello Kitty bike yesterday
  • I need to do laundry, but I'm holding off since with the promise of rainy weather for the next few days (see point 2 above) my clothes will take FOREVER to dry
  • I found a really cool book called Poems for 2 Voices that I'm going to experiment with in my classes. It's basically a poem with two parts meant to be spoken aloud. Some lines are different, sometimes only one person is reading, and some lines are read in unison. It reminded me of an activity we did every now and then in my Tesol classes with Shantelle.
  • Those really irritating little ants are back making a full exploration of my desk
  • You get free coffee refills at McDonald's during breakfast time, some days I really appreciate that...


  1. Funny. Arthur's really not that common.

  2. Wowee, a Hello Kitty bike? Can you please post pictures?

  3. Anonymous2:04 am

    What? Char you don't like to wear wet close... Thats like my favorite thing to do... ;)


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