Picture Perfect.

As I was on the way to Chinese class on Thursday, my teacher called to inform me that they had to go to Taipei, so our class would be cancelled. Since the day was bright and clear, I decided to go for a nice long bike ride, for once remembering to bring my camera with me. My normal path is along Yilan river, which eventually ends up at a small park. Actually yesterday was the first time I'd gone all the way to the park. I snapped this picture looking out the church window on my way downstairs. I love how our building has one tall, solitary palm tree in its otherwise artificial "yard" where the ground is covered by black rubber tiles, probably to prevent serious injury among the many kindergarten students running around.

This picture is taken close to the entrance of the park, the buildings in the background are downtown Yilan. I really like the way the shadows of the trees turned out in this picture, and also how green everything is, I guess that's one benefit of all that rain I complain about so much!

Gorgeous clouds brought to you by nearby typhoon and the letters A and C.

I've said it before and I'll said it again - Hello Kitty is everywhere! Just thought I'd look at the scenery from a slightly different perspective.

At the end of the bike trail, the terrain transforms into a secluded path which leads to a park and a couple of schools in a small town just outside of Yilan. Walking on the path you can seriously imagine you're in the middle of nowhere.

And finally, my reward for making it all the way to the park was getting to feast my eyes on this somewhat eerie sculpture.

I did end up with sunburn by the end of the morning, but only on the spots I missed while applying sunscreen.

Next week Studio Classroom will have rallies at some of my schools, so it will be a busier week than usual.


  1. Fun pics!
    And that is SO exciting about the rallies. I wish I could go! Are you going to help out?

  2. good question... I'll be in attendance, but I don't know if i'll do anything. last time i did roving microphone and sang "Friend for Life" with them at the end, but that was about it.


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