Pick up line?

As I stepped out of the elevator this morning to get breakfast, I was greeted with a line I certainly wasn't expecting: "Hello, baby"
I was suprised and amused, but mostly by the fact that it was a 5 year-old who said it! Where do they learn these things???

Maybe it's like in that movie with Adam Sandler (Big Daddy?) where he's training the little boy to help him pick up girls. Perhaps this kid has a father/uncle who wants to meet some foreign girls?

Actually this reminds me of a story from last year when Hope was riding her bike and this "creepy guy" came up behind her and said "Hello baby, where are you going?" which freaked her out until it turned out to be our friend Dan playing a joke on her.


  1. Anonymous2:33 am

    the picture at the top of the blog "always an adventure" is that taken in hualien? is that near "meilun" area near the harbor and the track and field stadium?

    there's a famous "dohua" place near there. i remember going there when i was younger.

  2. Anonymous8:02 am

    Hello Char... I am teaching Carmen more about the computer and introduced her to Blogging and she pretty much read your entire blog...
    I am glad to hear things are going good...
    Peace and Grace

  3. Anonymous8:05 am

    Hi you! Love and miss you! Like the blog, well, all of it. Entertaining stories. I even went to your Chinese blog and had a great time laughing at myself trying to sound out the Chinese words! Good times. I just want you to know that I'm very proud of you and that I think of you often. You are a wonderful person and a blessing to others without even trying. God bless you! Love Carmen

  4. Dear Jack: Yes, the picture was taken in Hualian, I believe somewhere near the cultural bureau, but I could be wrong. My friend took it, and I loved it so much I wanted to put it on my blog.

    Dear Drake and Carm: Thanks for stopping by and reading! It was such a wonderful suprise to see your names on my blog today! I really appreciate your words of encouragement! xoxoxoxoxoxox


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