People to See

If you have time I'd recommend you visit some of the people I think are fantastic. I've linked to them on my sidebar:
Hope: This is her blog from when she was in Taiwan with me. You can still read about her current adventures as a nanny in Baltimore here.
JoJo: My 4th year roomate
Faith's Taiwan: Another Canadian teaching English down in Taidong
Dezzie: A cool class- and dorm-mate who doesn't update her blog that often
Rosalee in Korea: She's only there until August, but has lots of great information about her teaching experiences and Korean culture. I'll be going to visit her and Amanda at the end of June.
Tara and Family: Tara was in my TESOL program at Briercrest and also went on the trip to Brazil we took in April 2004. She has a beautiful baby daughter who is the focus of this blog.
Amanda A teacher and missionary in Kaohsiung (southern Taiwan) who sometimes leaves kind comments on my blog
A-Hsiang's Photoblog: My friend in Hualian who has recently gotten sucked into the world of blogging, he also has a Chinese blog and an English blog
Drake: Friend from Briercrest and Husband of my roommate from 2nd and 3rd year, Carmen
Sarah B.: A university student from my hometown and faithful reader of Always and Adventure...
Shantelle: My wonderful college prof and mentor who is currently battling cancer
Rebekah: Another friend from BBC (i guess just BC now but that's confusing) who is planning to go into missions
Brad: Castlegarian and world traveller
Michelle: Creator of the Hometown Six challenge (for which sadly I've only done 1 out of 5) and college classmate or as they would say in Chinese "xue-jie" or 'school older sister' in Taiwanese schools there's a big distinction between Tong-Xue (same class or grade), and what is sometimes translated as "Juniors" and "Seniors"
Dawn: yet another Briercrest pal


  1. Anonymous2:12 pm

    nice to see you're catching up on your Jane Austen! I'm trying to get into an English class in the fall focusing on her's full right now, though :( Wow, can't believe I'm a full blown blogger now...haha :)
    Sarah B. :)

  2. Thanks for the link Charlotte! :)


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