May snuck up on me when I wasn't looking

It is the 6th of May. How did that happen? I've been here more than a year and a half, and have just over a year of (kinda sorta for certainish) time to go on this current assignment/contract/whatever you want to call it.
I spent 3 days with all of our employees across the island and we went to a place called Jin Shan (translated golden mountain) which was really beautiful. It's situated on Taiwan's northeast coast and is only about 45 minutes out of Taipei. It was fun to meet so many people and hang out with so many English speakers at one time.. it was almost like being at home again! The three days were filled with great music, great messages and great food (especially lots of seafood). It was nice to get away, and to be encouraged. On the first day we had a few hours of free time in the afternoon, so we decided to explore, and ended up walking out to a place called Ye-liu where there are some really cool rock formations. Actually I'm pretty sure I visited another section of this place last year on my Chinese New Year trip. The view was spectacular, so I'll share a few of the many pictures I took that afternoon.


  1. Anonymous5:56 am

    Hey Char... just saying hi and letting you know I am reading up on your updates....

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