It's getting late...

I'm off to Taipei tomorrow for three days. I'll be joining a whole-staff spiritual retreat at, well actually I'm not sure. I think it's somewhere near Keelung, some famous/fancy hotel I've heard. I guess I'll find out. The theme is "It's getting late." I'm not really sure what that will entail, but I'm looking forward both to the time to refocus, and to hanging out with the other foreign staff (as well as meeting TONS of new people I'm sure, since I barely even know half of the Taipei office...) . I'll be back Friday. Actually I won't have class again until next Wednesday, since my students have exams next week, giving me a 4 day weekend. I don't have anything interesting planned yet though, I was thinking about a trip to Yuli, but the concept seems kind of exhausting to me right now (another 3 hours on the train after coming back from Taipei and then running around like crazy trying to fit in all the people I want to see). So anyhow, until Friday!
BTW, the cutie in the picture is a kid from the church.