Random Inventory: A useless but diverting blogging exercise

I have 15 pairs of shoes (I am ashamed)
I have 14 TESOL books
I have 13 Canadian dollars in my desk drawer
I have 12 items in my makeup collection
I have 11 movies (DVD and VCD)
I have 10 spices on my cooking shelf
I have 9 pens on my desk
I have 8 windows in my room (one wall is almost completely windows)
I have 7 drawers in my desk
I have 6 3M hooks on my walls
I have 5 pictures on the headboard of my bed
I have 4 bibles (NIV study Bible, English/Chinese Bible, Pocket NLT, and Chinese New Testament with phonetic symbols or “bo po mo fo”)
I have 3 suitcases
I have 2 pairs of glasses
I have 1 cell phone (unlike many Taiwanese people who have been known to have 2 or more)

If any readers want to post this on their blog, feel free. I guess I could tag Hope and Johanna, my 2 extremely faithful ex-roomies/roomates forever.


  1. Um, what am i sposed to do?

  2. lol... choose random things in your posession numbering from 1-15

  3. yep . . . taiwan is officially the country with the most cell phones numbers person AND the highest percent of cell phone users.

    The latest numbers I read:
    97% of the population uses cell phones
    112 (i think--have to double check that number later) cell phone numbers per 100 people!!!


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