...something of little interest to most of you:
My Chinese blog!

The address is wo de zhong wen (my chinese haha. It's called Ou Cai Lin's room 歐采琳的房間. For those of you who don't remember, Ou Cai Lin is my Chinese name (also my msn name at the moment). BTW North American friends can you read those Chinese characters?? I know some computers aren't enabled to read Chinese. Anyways, It's just a place for me to practice my Chinese.

It may seem like I've been doing little else lately besides working on my blog, but actually, I've been having all kinds of fun, visiting Green Festival again on Monday with some girls' school students, being sung Happy Birthday to on Tuesday at the boys' high school (better early than late I suppose), checking out another apartment in the afternoon, and same old classes on Wednesday, with actually a fairly positive day at the vocational school, or as i normally say, my "difficult" school. The "conversation club" only had about 8 students today... strange. I gave a homework assignment or project of sorts to this class, really simple actually, bring in an English song on your assigned day and tell us what it means and why you like it. Well so far, only about 40% of the students have actually done the assignment, so I'm trying to work out a reward system for the few who do bother rather than trying to punish 60% of the students for not doing it. (The teacher suggested having those who didn't do it stand in class for about 20 minutes, can you IMAGINE what a disruption it would be to have almost half the class standing?) This is a little challenging since they don't get grades in my class. I've asked if they can get some sort of bonus mark appended to their English class mark, but I may just have to resort to buying some sort of gift for them (doesn't quite seem as appropriate to me). Pictures to come soon.