Hometown Six

Michelle, a fellow Briercrest student and L.A. resident, posts a monthly challenge on her blog to represent your hometown through pictures. This month's theme was places of worship. Actually less than 3% of Taiwan's population is Christian, so perhaps my photos aren't that accurate of a representation of Yilan, but a lot of my involvement here is with the churches considering I live in one and have my Chinese class in another.

Not far from my house.

Yep I live in this building! Right up there on the third floor, between the kindergarten and the Sunday school classrooms. Pretty easy to find on Google Earth, if you know what you're looking for!

This church has been around for over 100 years I've been told. Apparently they redid the sanctuary more recently!

My Chinese teacher is also the wife of the pastor at this church. Their family lives in another part of the building.

This church actually has a climbing wall in the front entry way (across from the coffee machine)! You wouldn't see that in Canada! The Chinese on the sign says "Jesus loves you" so the English translation isn't direct.

A Taoist temple on Zhong Shan Road (main street)