April is almost over!

A very cool gift - an MP4 player - It plays MP3's, but can ALSO play movies. It has 1 gig of memory and can store pictures, documents, listen to FM radio, record voice and it just LOOKS cool. I'm so excited about it. I've been talking about buying one recently. But now I don't have to!
So this year, not unlike last year, I kind of had the birthday that kept on celebrating haha (though not as extensively as last year)
Tuesday: lunch with some church people at this great hot pot restaurant
Wednesday: class and gifts from some of my students

Thursday: one class sang "Happy Birthday" to me, Starbucks, a movie and this really cool ice cream thing! **Edit** for all (two of you) who complained and anyone else who may be interested: below pictured is not, in fact, ice cream, and the qualifier "thing" should be taken to mean shaved ice with various (and randomly filled) jellies underneath topped with a brown sugar syrup and sweetened condensed milk ***End

Friday: baked an angel food cake (ahh just like home), which turned out perfectly by the way, and celebrated with my evening students while we talked about jobs. (One of our vocabulary words was "perks" so we got to use the example: One of the perks of coming to English class is that you get to eat cake.) I just want to say that I really love my two English classes in the church. The students are so fun, willing to learn and hard-working. Every class we have a great time, and it makes being a teacher so great. I look forward to these classes every week and have so much fun planning activities for them because I know they will both participate and enjoy them. I got lots of little cards from my students this week and a few of them said they always feel happy on Fridays because they get to come to class.

Now, the only question left is where should I go to celebrate Hope's birthday (if you remember last year we went to Green Island) thuogh I don't think it would be that fun to celebrate Hope's birthday without Hope... haha

Today I went to Yilan High School's "garden party" which is a combination of talent show and fundraiser. All the students have booths set up where they are selling food, drinks and other special things like games, flowers, balloons etc. I have 4 classes at this school, so it was pretty easy to find my classes this time. When I went to the girls' school's similar activity i had a hard time making sure I'd found all of my 8 classes. Also, one of my Friday evening students is a counselor at this school, so I sat and chatted with him for awhile. I also took some pictures of my students. While I was there I ran into a lot of my students from the girl's school. It's apparent that they put a LOT of work into their appearance in order to attend the activities (Yilan high school is 80% boys).


  1. Nei ge bing qi ling shi nai zhong de?????????? Kan qi lai hen something. Zhen shi bing qi ling, bu shi chua bing ma?
    I am SO touched that you still want to celebrate my birthday. You should do it by umm, going to play volleyball somewhere. Heh heh. No really, you should go on a trip to america and kan wo. that would make me happy. on second thought, im going to be out of town on my birthday, so you can stay in Taiwan, ok?

  2. mei cuo - shi chua bing, dan shi kan wo blog de ren da gai bu zhi dao chua bing shi shenme...
    ok, if you say i can stay in Taiwan then i will ;)

  3. OH! ok, cause i was like, what kinda crazy-butt ice cream is THAT?

  4. happy belated birthday!!!!


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