Thursday Ramblings

Personal DNA - an interesting quiz

Well another week is almost over!
First I want to say a big thank you to anyone who has been praying about my Wednesday classes. I'd have to say yesterday was the best day I've had at my tough school this semester. I wouldn't say the classes were "good" but this was the first day that I didn't feel like I was on the verge of tears and/or walking out at any point in the afternoon. Let's pray that it will keep improving.

Last night in my church class we were talking about the weather, and interestingly enough, it started pouring rain halfway through the class. Since we were on the top floor of the building, it was raining so loudly that I felt like it was drowning out my voice!

I've been teaching some classes about relationships this week and last week, and have had some interesting answers to the discussion questions I've given my students. I'm suprised at the percentage of high school girls who say they don't want to get married at all. It seems as though the age of female independence in Taiwan is alive and well. Also I was suprised that a common answer to "When should you introduce your boyfriend/girlfriend to your parents?" was "When you have a baby."

Finally, after my Chinese class today, Rebecca, my teacher's second daughter took me on a bike ride to Dong Shan River, a really beautiful place about 15 minutes away from their house by bicycle (whew can you say too many qualifiers?). We had her English class there in a hotel courtyard (lots of tables, chairs and swings that anyone can use). While we were there we were approached twice by hotel staff wanting me to teach them English! I invited them to my conversation class, and gave them my phone number. Seriously, judging from the number of times I've been approached, if I chose to, I could fill up every spare moment with private lessons.