Dear readers: I apologize in advance for the negativity of this entry. I felt I should update, but most of my recent happenings have been a little irritating...

  • Went through the "we don't know how to use our own technology" gong show for a SECOND time at the girls' high school (you'd think they'd figure it out after last week)
  • My clothes are taking almost a week to dry, if they dry at all
  • Wednesday: where do I even start?
  1. I get to the school and discover that I've been scheduled to teach the 2 hour conversation class (they didn't inform me before my arrival that class would be on Wednesday, so subsequently, I wasn't prepared for it at all)
  2. After this frustration, I arrived in my next class to discover that they'd begun using a different magazine - thanks for telling me... so again, teaching a lesson that i had no prep for
  3. We finally got it sorted out that some of the classes had indeed switched to a more difficult (and above their level) magazine, but my final class would be using the other magazine still
  4. On arriving at the last class, it became immediately apparent that the class had a different issue (wrong month) than the one I'd prepared for
  • Can you say "crappy day" ? I almost cried more than once that day. It's a rather daunting task to be faced with a class of 40 unmotivated students at the best of times, and when you don't have any activities planned, it's even moreso. I'm getting better at this flexibility thing, but I still detest these kinds of suprises. Also, I need to come up with some good 50-minute long back up games and activites for the next time this happens to me (I'm sure it will).
  • Having to wake up at 7:00 two days in a row (lol ok, that's not really anything to complain about, but while I'm on a roll...)
  • My stupid bank is for some reason not allowing me to access any of my money, which in a few days could become a very big problem
  • When is the next Harry Potter book going to come out anyways???
  • I've been talking to myself with increasing frequency... maybe I shouldn't admit that...
  • well... if i think of anything else, I'll let you know... heh.

***** end of whining *****


  1. Qin ai de hao peng you! I'm sorry it's been such a frustrating week. You are an AMAZING teacher to have gotten through all those changes alive. Good job!


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