Calla Lily Festival and Other Tales

I had one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. From getting sunburnt by the ocean (I didn't think I'd need sunsceen in MARCH), to wading in a river and looking for jade, from catching fireflies after sunset, to picking lillies on top of a mountain, I did so many different things! It's hard to believe it all happened in two short days. On Sunday after going to English church in Taipei, I went with my friend Cindy to Yangming Shan, one of Taipei's most popular tourist spots. We were particularly lucky to be able to go during the park's Calla Lily Festival, and we even got to pick our own flowers! If you have time you can click on the above links to see some great scenery pictures. If you're too lazy, you can just look at my pictures below from that day:


  1. Zak and Jael2:22 am

    Hey Char!

    How are you doing!?

    Jael and I will soon be finished college in Saskatchewan, and we were hoping to teach English overseas to pay off our loans. It then occurred to me the other day (while talking to Jo) "Hey! We know someone in Taiwan!" We were wondering if you know of any possible job opportunities in the fall... you can email us at

    Zak and Jael Kenney

  2. what a shayne maidel!

  3. the pictures won't load! Is it my computer!? Alas I want to see the lilies!!

  4. Holly5:07 am

    Hello Char! i came about your blog in a rather round about way, but i enjoyed finding it, the calla lily festival sounds absolutly thrilling to me, and i am SO jealous that you got to go! Calla's here in canada are like $3.50 a stem wholesale thats nearly $10 retail!! and they are my favorite flower to work with, so tall and elegant! (i'm a florist now:)
    Glad to see that you are doing so well!
    Holly (who you lived with in lewis apartments quite a few years ago)

  5. wow! Hi Holly!
    welcome to my blog :)
    I don't know if this will make you really jealous or not, but I paid about $3.00 for 6! They are so beautiful! It was amazing to see them growing all over the mountainside.

  6. $3.00 for 6!!! that makes me jealous!! We tried growing them in the greenhouse I worked in, potted ones, ugh they were so hard to grow! They kept rotting at the root! but so beautful, the ones in your pictures look absolutely wonderful!


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