What do you need?

From Hope's blog: If YOU have a blog and a few seconds on your hands, do a google search for your first name plus the word "needs," then put the first ten results on your own blog (or in my comments!) Sooo funny!

1.Charlotte needs to look beyond banks

2. Charlotte needs an airport that is focused on its hub but also on those travelers.

3. Charlotte Needs to Encourage a More Meaningful Dialogue.

4. Charlotte needs to control fans

5. Features: Charlotte needs your help!

6. Charlotte Needs You

7. Charlotte needs more breath taking, and more often.

8. Charlotte needs Get Fuzzy.


10. I think Charlotte needs another low/middle-end grocery store.

My favorites have got to be 4 and 7.... I'll work on getting my fans under control.... they go a little crazy sometimes. ;)