Staying Put

I'm back in Yilan again after a few days in Yuli. It was so great to see all my friends there as always. Sometimes I'm amazed that certain people still remember me, like store owners - even of places I didn't go THAT often. I guess a year is kind of a long time, and when there aren't that many places to shop, you tend to go to the same places frequently. I saw the teachers from some of the schools we taught at last year, and it made me want to visit them all again! Maybe next time I'll try to borrow a vehicle and go for a few quick visits. Also, I got to have dinner at my old house with my old landlords, Jeff and Sherly, who are expecting twins!! Jeff is a really cute father-to-be, right now he's doing all the cooking and cleaning, and was talking about how they're only buying organic foods now to be healthy for their babies. They're so excited! They've been married 7 years if I remember correctly, and have been wanting children for a long time.

I am pretty much adjusted to the time again. The jet lag seemed much worse returning to Canada than it did coming back here. Maybe because I wasn't there for as long, so my body didn't fully readjust?

I'm starting classes this afternoon, and have a full week. First day of class is always interesting, and I'm hoping to implement a few strategies early on to help the semester go more smoothly. My classes in the church are also starting this week, so it will be interesting to see if I get a lot of new students or not.
Whew, it will be good to get a bit of a routine going again. So yeah, if anyone's looking for me, I'll be in Yilan (well, except for thursday when i have to teach in Hualian, oh yeah, and the holiday coming up next week... sigh...)