kibbles n' bits

  • I started watching season 1 of Lost. It's pretty good, though not as riveting as 24, it's still a nice diversion

  • I made french onion soup yesterday, particularly nice with the swiss cheese I bought in Carrefour on the weekend and am trying to use before it goes moldy on me

  • I've had two further days of confirmation regarding the principle observed in schools and other public institutions across Taiwan:

    a. One must acquire every variety of the latest technology for one's school/library/office/church and should display it somewhere within said institution, even better if it's all in one room

    b. One must not actually teach anyone within the premises how to use previously mentioned technology (it would be breaking a sacred code I suppose)

  • Technology woes aside, I've had a pretty good week so far. I've enjoyed showing some pictures of my time in Canada to my classes, and, after 6 classes only, can predict with accuracy when students will gasp, break into chatter, and otherwise react to the little slide show I put together.

  • P.S. Does anyone know if opened spaghetti sauce (in a jar) is still good after 2 months? There doesn't appear to be any mold on it, and the best before date is in 2007... I so feel like a university student asking that :P