Made it!

After some lengthy travelling, I've been hanging out at my parents' house for the last few days. My 9 hour flight from Taipei to Vancouver wasn't as dreadful as I'd feared, though I only slept about 3 hours total. The movies were decent (despite the fact that I was almost directly underneath the movie screen). When we arrived in Vancouver we had to wait to get off the plane for what seemed like AGES. I went through customs and checked in for my next flight and then went in search of Tim Horton's. I also had to get myself some Canadian money, which looks so strange! The coins are so tiny. The strangest thing about wandering around the airport was that everyone I saw somehow seemed familiar...
I arrived in Calgary at 11:20 on Friday (interestingly, 35 minutes before I left Taipei). Since then I've just been shopping, hanging out with my family, going through all the stuff I left here, and trying to get over jet lag. This weekend will be the first of my many trips around western Canada. Here are some pics of me and my family:


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