Here I go!

Happy New Year! The above picture was taken on Dec. 31. From beach to blizzard in one week, wow! Actually, the weather's rather mild now in Calgary, where I'll be landing in less than 24 hours! Here I am, spending my last afternoon in Taiwan somehow stuffing more things into my suitcase and sending text messages to all my friends here. I'm planning to go for a relaxing hairwash soon and generally just wasting time until I have to head to the airport. I don't think it's really sunk into me that I'm going home. I wonder what it will be like? What wonderful and irritating things will I rediscover about Canadian life and culture? Will I realize that I like Canada more and don't want to come back? Or that I like Taiwan more and want to stay there? Well maybe both of those are a little drastic. Anyways, here are some things I'm looking forward to about going home:
  • Of course seeing friends and family
  • Hugs
  • Tim Horton's
  • Snow (if we get any)
  • Being able to read and order anything off any menu
  • Greek, Mexican etc.
  • Being able to speak English all the time
  • Being able to speak English without worrying about talking to fast, or using unfamiliar words/idioms
  • Being able to cook anything I want
  • English church and worship
  • No daily near-death experiences in traffic
  • Not being the only white person in the room, on the train, etc...

Of course, I'll miss a month of:

  • My dear friends here
  • Night markets
  • Speaking Chinese
  • Convenient transportation
  • Mild weather and proximity to the ocean
  • My favorite Chinese snacks
  • Teaching?? well i guess so... I do like my job.. most days!

Off I go... wish me luck and sanity for my 12+ hour flight! I've got some music and Narnia books to keep me busy. Next update from home!