Alberta Adventures

I'm writing from Saskatchewan now after almost a week of travels, where I stayed in 4 different houses, saw most of my extended family, and showed my pictures at least 10 times. It was nice to see everyone, especially my little cousins who, of course, have grown SO much since I saw them last. I gave some of them little Chinese outfits that looked adorable (though a little big..) I'll post some pics when I get my laptop hooked into the internet.
In Calgary I stayed with my brother for a couple of days and met up with some old friends. It's kind of too bad that I don't have a longer time with everyone, but that's life. It was good to reconnect with some people who I'd sort of lost touch with too.
After that I took another exciting Greyhound trip to Saskatchewan to see Adam and Erin and their beautiful daughter, Mattea. She's almost 1 and this was the first time I got to meet her. We had a little Castlegar reunion last night.
Now I'm in Caronport, where I went to school for 4 years. Some things have changed, but some haven't. It's a little strange to be here, especially with so many unfamiliar faces around. I'm looking forward to settling for a couple of days before I continue on in my travels.