Trip #2 Hong Kong

I returned to Yilan for about 24 hours to teach a class and repack my bag. Then I headed to Taipei on Thursday morning. Friday morning I headed to Hong Kong. Here's more detail than you ever wanted about my day:

  • 5:30am left the place where I was staying
  • 6:30am arrived at the airport
  • 7:50am boarded the plane to Hong Kong
  • 10:00am arrived in Hong Kong Airport
  • 11:00am got off the airport shuttle in Kowloon
  • 11:15am got lost outside shuttle station
  • 11:30am found main road and browsed the markets in the area, including the jade market
  • 12:30pm took the MRT to Causeway Bay
  • 1:15pm had an interesting lunch with 3 strangers... I entered the restaurant and they seated me at a round table that was already occupied by two ladies, and about 1o minutes later another lady joined us. The two ladies didn't give me a second glance as they chatted away in Cantonese.
  • 2:00pm went to Times Square
  • 3:00pm wandered through Jardine Market
  • 3:30pm went to Ikea!
  • 4:00pm rested in Victoria park
  • 4:30pm took the MRT to Central Station
  • 4:45pm got a toffee nut latte from Starbucks and went to check out the Christmas decorations in Statue Square
  • 5:30pm took the shuttle back to the airport, where I had dinner and waited for my plane
  • 8:15pm took off for Taipei
  • 11:00pm arrived back at Mel and Naomi's house and promptly went to bed!