Sheng Dan Kuai Le!

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm writing this from Taipei, where I'm celebrating with some friends for the day (but have to teach classes tomorrow morning!)
This week has been full of Christmas parties and other fun events, keeping me rather busy. I've also been cooking a lot: kaluha cake, egg nog, and snickerdoodles.
Last night was the big church party/program which was held downtown across from the department store. I sang two songs with my classes from the church, which we'd been practicing for awhile, but actually I was much more involved in the program that I thought! I suppose after last year, I shouldn't be too suprised... anyways, they started singing a song near the beginning of the program and then stopped and said something along the lines of "Ok now we're going to sing it in English because we have a special friend with us tonight. Where is Charlotte?" Which triggered a series of events leading to me being pushed onto stage and handed a microphone to sing with them. Anyways.... as i was reflecting on this experience, it occurred to me that this is the kind of thing people actually have nightmares about. I love my life. lol. It wasn't so bad... Oh yeah, I was also mentioned in the sermon... it's really wierd to be listening to a sermon and then suddenly hear your name. I think the pastor was saying something good about me coming to Taiwan to teach English. Let's hope so!
Happy holidays and blessings to you this Christmas and always.


  1. well, I guess then you know what we are going to get you to do when you are here eh...;) (sing a solo in church...;) )and not in

  2. I guess i should start practicing...LOL

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