Christmas Observations #4

One of the things I've been teaching my students about this year is how it's our tradition to put Christmas presents under the tree.

In contrast, here is the giant Christmas card my favorite class gave me, with a pen at the bottom for scale.

This week and next I'm busier than I have been pretty much the whole semester. It's kind of nice. Lots of Christmas events to attend (or host as the case may be) in addition to my regular classes. Tonight (Thurs) is my Christmas party for my classes in the church, which will include snickerdoodles, egg nog, and kaluha cake. Tomorrow I'm planning to attend Yilan High School's sports day/anniversary celebrations. Saturday Ariel's coming and we have the big church program (which I'll be singing in with my students). Sunday I'm off to Taipei and then Monday it starts all over again with five classes. Whew. Merry Christmas to all of you! Hopefully I'll get in another update before then.