Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas is Coming!

I decided my blog needed a new look for winter, and needed to be a little brighter! Let me know if you encounter any problems with the new template - page not loading, things not showing up etc.
Not that there's snow in Taiwan, but hey, in less than a month, I'll have all the snow I ever wanted (and probably more). This week was cold and rainy, and I felt pretty yucky on Tuesday and Wednesday with a head cold. I even had to cancel some of my classes. Blah. I never get sick! I think it was partly from the HK/Taipei combination and a week of travel on trains/airplanes with artifical air (not to mention not enough sleep!) I'm pretty much over it now, but still a little stuffed up.
Anyways, after my Chinese class on Thursday, I wowed the kids there with my *amazing* paper snowflake making abilities. After I made about 5 or 6 snowflakes (to a chorus of wo ye yao! - I want one too!) they let me take some pictures of them! My Chinese teacher's third daughter is in the first picture, she is one of the most adorable kids ever!

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