Winter has come to Yilan

I had a great day of classes today. We were talking about apologies and I had my students do role plays at the end of class, acting out a situation where they might have to apologize. As can be expected, there were countless repeats of the most basic scenarios with as few lines as possible, but there were a number of gems among these that made the day incredibly entertaining. I laughed a lot today, and so did my students. Some of the students at the girls' high school must watch soap operas regularly. I wish I'd recorded them! Anyways, I'll definitely do role plays again if a lesson lends itself to them.
Here's one of my favorites:
A: Hurry up, the movie's going to start

B: I'm sorry I'm late, but..... this is Jim
A: What???
B: I met him at a party yesterday, and I knew he was Mr. Right, we're in love. We're going to get married next month.

A: No! It's impossible! I love you!
B: I'm sorry, I don't love you. Goodbye!
A: Noooooooooo

Now imagine: 1. extreme overacting 2. screams and gasps coming from the "audience" - the rest of the class, including the classroom teacher

Good times. The weather has definitely changed, I think it was about 18 degrees today (balmy, I know) and rainy... actually, it rains pretty much every day here in Yilan. I went out for a bit, to get dinner (yummy tomato vegetable soup and a salad from the pasta place) and now I'm settling in with some hot chocolate to start working my way through Season 3 of 24. Such a great show. I'm addicted.