There and back again (in one day)

My Hong Kong day started, as any good day should, with a Chai latte.

Actually the day started at 5:30am with my driver to the airport telling me that it was his first day as he called his supervisor for directions on how to get out of the district I was staying in. But the Chai was the first thing I got after I got off the airport shuttle in Hong Kong (also to make change for the buses). Buses and airplanes and taxis are becoming routine for me.

I can't say the day was really exciting, but it was quite relaxing. I wandered, I reflected, I drank diet coke with lime (which hasn't yet found its way to Taiwan). I walked out the "G" exit while intentionally heading for "D". I wasn't really in a shopping mood, and I didn't have a ton of time, so I spent most of my day at Victoria Peak , one of Hong Kong's big tourist attractions. I was fortunate to be there on a Friday, and actually there weren't too many people around. I took the bus up a very winding road to the top of the mountain and wandered around the shopping mall they've installed up there. Had lunch in one of the "trendy" restaurants and reflected on the fact that my world became noisier for the day, as I could understand the array of conversations surrounding me without a concentrated effort.

I spent much of the afternoon walking on some of the paths around the top of the peak and snapping pictures, as you can see below.

I took the tram back to the city. The first part of the way down it seems like you're going backwards at a 45 degree angle!
Back in the city, I looked around for a bit until it was time to catch the airport shuttle back. Next time I'll definitely try to swing the extra days.
So that was my day, a third of it spent in transit...