Monday musings

  • For breakfast today I had "dan bing" and warm soy milk. They brought me my milk in a bowl with a spoon (2 NT cheaper than the paper cup!), and I had this strange feeling that I should be adding cereal to it...
  • My classes went quite well today. I was really impressed with my students this morning, they are so creative! They were making up self-introductions with the goal of getting a job as an actor/actress. I had one student who has previously starred in such films as Lord of the Necklace, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Water, and Legally Brown.
  • Every Monday the teacher at the girl's school gives me a box of different breads/pastries for my "dinner" and it's usually interesting to see what sort of things are inside. There's always at least one that's completely unidentifiable, but consists of a sweet bread with some sort of meat inside and processed cheese and garlic salt baked on top. I've learned to break it in half before biting in, just in case. Today I had a little difficulty breaking it in half which I quickly discovered was because of the hot dog baked into the middle. EW.


  1. I'm sitting here cracking up at your entry, and Olivia is sitting, staring and smiling up at me and trying to decide whether she should start laughing too.


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