it always pays...

... to make conversation with people at the stores you frequent (well except when they ask you to tutor their children). But anyways, the girl who works at the bakery close to my house was an English major in university, so I've chatted with her a little. Now their bakery has these chicken pitas that aren't that appetizing (chicken, some veggies, mayo and ketchup, good maybe when it hasn't been sitting out all day). But anyways, today I asked her if it was possible to just get the outside (the pita) and she said she'd try to get some for me in the futre. I'm quite excited about this prospect!

I started my Chinese class today, which I'm really happy about. The funny thing is I was showing my book to another lady from the church yesterday, and when I read one of the dialogues for her, she went on and on about how good my Chinese is. My actual teacher today, upon hearing me read the same thing said, oh you really need to work on your tones! Anyways, I hope I can improve my level of fluency and pronunciation.