disclaimer: boring entry

I'm pretty much just writing for the sake of posting a new entry...
  • I read The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks. Creepy, but well-written. (One shouldn't read stalker books when one lives alone.) I read The Notebook on my way to Hong Kong. Guess I've been in a fiction mood lately.
  • Met some more people, I might be joining another Chinese class (one that some exchange students at the high school are taking), and I'm looking for a badminton partner. I sort of joined a small group here, but meetings aren't that great when I can't really understand the content. Thinking about starting an English group, but haven't mentioned it to anyone yet.
  • Met a lady who just returned from 8 years in America. Have a lunch date with her this week.
  • Apparently there's a rumor going around that my Chinese is good... at least until they try to talk to me! haha
  • Classes are going ok... I'm kind of in a teacher lull right now... i'm feeling like i'm not always teaching as well as I could be. It's been a big challenge getting used to having 40+ students in a class, which also makes them quite inhibited as far as any sort of class discussion. Sometimes I feel like I'm just having a conversation with myself. I need some strategies to get them talking more.
  • I miss Hope.


  1. hey Char! Yea, sometimes I felt the samw way...how do you get a class of 38 kids who don't understand English all that well to have a conversation? Sometimes I felt like I was just babysitting some of the time. Only when the korean teacher came in to help did I have any luck in getting them to speak. So all the best to you..:) :P

  2. I MISS YOU TOO!!!


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