Sunday, September 04, 2005

reasons why i'm sad to go...

Apart from the big things I'll miss in Yuli, like the awesome friends I've made this past year and my great students, I know I'll miss the familiarity (not to mention the not getting lost). I love how I can chat with the people in every store I go to, how they all remember me. How they're not too shy to talk to me anymore, and how my Chinese is good enough to actually make small talk. I'm sure because of that fact, it won't take as long to establish that kind of rapport in a newer place. Tonight as I was buying some water the lady in line in front of me kind of pointed to me as she was leaving and said "waiguoren" the tone of her voice was like "did you SEE that foreigner?" after she left, I said to the cashier (who knows me) "who shi Taiwanren" (I'm Taiwanese!). Little amusements. Speaking of which, I got new glasses (again) SOO cheap here! I'm thinking of getting my old ones tinted blue so they're sort of sunglasses. We'll see. Here's some pics.... man this is turning into more of a photoblog lately... I hope you don't mind! Well, that's all for me, I'm off to watch The Bourne Supremacy, though I have a bunch of pics to post tomorrow about a little excursion on the back of a scooter up a mountain to see some flowers... now doesn't that sound exciting?

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