Monday, September 05, 2005

a little excursion on the back of a scooter up a mountain to see some flowers...

As promised (to the two people who read my blog yesterday), here are the pictures of yesterday afternoon's events. My friend A-Hsiang came from Hualian to visit us , and we decided to go see the day lilies, one of Yuli's "famous attractions." Many people had told us about them before and mentioned that we needed to go see them, but we had yet to, and since our Yuli days are numbered, we figured, hey, why not! The plan was for Hope and I to rent some scooters and the three of us drive up (supposedly only a 25 minute drive...) but the scooter place didn't have any left! Ariel agreed to lend us hers, but we were unable to find a third one... we almost cancelled the trip, but then decided that I would go on the back of A-Hsiang's scooter while Hope drove Ariel's (which is a little older, so couldn't handle 2 people going up such a steep mountain). It took about 25 minutes to reach the road where we turned to ascend the mountain, and then at leat another 40 minutes (longer I think) to go up. It was an interesting ride on a narrow, steep road with endless turnarounds when, without warning, a car, or worse, a tour bus could be coming down from the other direction! Also remember, I'm on the back of a scooter holding on for dear life! Just kidding! Most of the time I only had to hold on with one hand. Anyways, it was definitely worth it! The view, as you can see (below), was gorgeous. I'll let the pictures (and my sometimes witty captions) speak for themselves.

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