has this ever happened to you?

Just a minute ago, as I was trying to decide what kind of tea to make for myself, my door began to swing open (oops forgot to lock it, not in that habit, yet). A lady saw me and closed the door but then opened it again and came in, asking if she could rest in here. I tried to explain that this was actually my room, and I live here. Putting on my room slippers, she said ok, well I'm going to class this afternoon, so I just want to rest here for about an hour ok? And she made like she was going to lay down on my bed. I wasn't really sure what to say, or how to explain that this wasn't actually a guest room, but my living space. Anyways, I led her out into the common area and told her she could rest on a couch there.
"Zhen qi guai" which means, very strange!


  1. yea, no, that has neverhappened to me before. Did she take anything? But makes for interesting stories.

  2. Zhei shi wo de wo fang?
    That is sooooo weird!
    And, I don't know if it's the font you used or what, but I couldn't read this post, even when I set my computer settings to the largest font. I could only read it once I had clicked on Post a Comment, and it came up in a larger font. Anyway.

  3. LOL i read this comment right after i sent you an email! the last line is "what part of zhe shi wo de wo fang don't you understand" we still got it! :D
    i'll fix the font, thanks for letting me know!


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