Things that make a teacher happy

1. returning to your favorite classes after a good break
2. returning to a class after 2 months and finding they still remember what you taught them before!
3. hearing from other places that students like your class

This week we have been doing a mini-camp at Yon Feng, my favorite school. It's been so great to see the kids again, and I'm always so amazed by them, both their behaviour and their level of comprehension. Granted, they're still beginners, but they always get my classroom instructions so quickly, and seem to catch onto new things really fast!

Today was also the last day of our elementary class in Euodia, the new building across from Dr. Su's. It was pretty fun, though having 50 kids from grades 1-5 in one room can be a nightmare. Today there were times where we had to stop every 30 seconds and get them to be quiet again! It was a little exhausting. Anyways, a lot of the students in this class go to Buxiban so we can get the scoop on them from our Buxiban teacher friends haha. As encouragement to them, we can really tell which students have attended Buxiban before. We've been hearing a lot of good reports too such as "My student so-and-so loves your class/told me about this activity/said it's really fun"
I had lunch with my lovely friend Ariel yesterday and she related that she's seen a big improvement in one of her problem students since he's been attending our class, I was shocked to find out which student he was, since he was one of my BEST students! Although a typical pre-teen, I wouldn't have considered him a problem student!

In other news... the corner place is now out of luo li niu nai.... their exact words were "Nimen he wan le" you two drank it all.... oh dear! That's the bad thing about seasonal fruits... they're only cheap/available for such a short time! Papaya milk, another favorite of mine used to be 35 and now it's 50!!! Anyways maybe I'll get some at the night market tomorrow, it's still cheap there (but only once a week!)