"The Enormous Turnip" - The Musical!

One more day of camp and then a wonderful (though still busy) rest!
This week has been a lot of fun, with fewer students, it has been easier to remember names and get to know them. I have some interesting names, including Lion, Una and Swallow. Many of the students are from Mt. Carmel church or from San Min Jr. High, and it has been a pleasure to see them again.

We're preparing for a replay of "Hansel and Gretel" translated in Chinese as "The Candy House" with one of the teens from the church filling in Marcus' role - his chinese is SO good! ;) I guess being Taiwanese helps...

The most memorable moment of the day was when I was watching the Enormous Turnip group run through their drama, which opened with a line that I definitely did not recall writing into the original skit... so you can imagine my shock when my 12 year old student began the play with the words "Oh, Shit"

anyways, I quickly informed the teacher that that wasn't the appropriate terminology particularly for this "character building camp" aiiyo anyways, it just goes to show that curse words don't really transfer from one language to the next. I suppose each language has its own unique words. Anyways, I don't think I know any Chinese swear words. ah well...

they were actually talking about poop or "fertilizer" which has now become central to the story, along with a gorrilla (in a very interesting costume) instead of a mouse, and about 6 bits of songs added in... it should be extremely interesting to watch... i guess this is what happens when teacher work on a drama for 3 weeks and get bored of doing the same thing? haha