a new week has already begun, and i have yet to share much about last week... it was kind of a rushed week, especially on account of our trip. Sunday was my actual 6 month anniversary in Taiwan... unbelievable!
Sunday morning we got to go to Grace church (which is different in many ways from Yuli church) and that was really great! We visited that church once in January, the week before the pastor and his wife were leaving to study in Canada for 3 months. Ever since then we have been eagerly anticipating their return!
On Saturday afternoon we were invited to one of our students' farms to pick mulberries. That was interesting.... they grow a number of interesting things, including grapes (to make wine), betel nut (eeeewwwww), and bamboo. Our hostess served us fresh papaya and red wine. I thought the wine was quite good but Hope couldn't drink it, so she cleverly distracted our hostess and then switched our cups... I had to struggle to keep a straight face... but anyways, by the end of the year we'll be pros I guess.
We were quite busy on Saturday, teaching classes in the morning and afternoon, and then going to our student's house and teaching again in the evening... we just had a half an hour to teach there, so we kept teaching the students "Give us clean hands" and then did a little quiz about world leaders and prayed for them. If anyone (besides Hope) can tell me what country King Jigme Singye Wangchuk is the ruler of, I'll take you out for ice cream when I get back to Canada (which, incidentally, was the prize we gave to the teens here)... p.s. thanks Hope for the clever idea ;)

On Friday night I had dinner with Esther while Hope was in Fuli, and we had a wonderful time. She's been talking about visiting Canada or America for awhile now, and her newest plan is to come with me in October lol. I think it would be fun, but I don't really know how serious she is about it.
Well it's been getting warmer here, it feels like a late Canadian June right now.... it rains pretty much every night though... yeah, other than that i've just been trying to plan all of my lessons... I could use some inspiration on how to work with my Jr. High students if anyone has any suggestions!
Well I have to go teach at Zhuo Feng soon, so much fun!
Remember: my birthday's coming up... cards and gifts can be sent to my address here in Taiwan lol... just kidding!


  1. He's king of Bhutan. Of course, I had to use the internet to figure that out, since I had no idea :).

  2. Sure not shy about asking for gifts, eh?

  3. I can easily imagine you comically switching cups... makes me laugh... so you like red wine? I will have my first opportunity to try it at Adam's wedding, I'm hoping I'll like it better than I liked the white... (which wasn't at all). Oh and he's the king of Bhutan... (I read it somewhere recently.... ha). now you have more incentive to come visit me when you're home, because you owe me ice cream now (bwa ha haahaaa).


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