Fun in Taidong (aka Taitung)!

Whew, we just returned from our little vacation in Taidong! It was nice to get away from Yuli for a bit, and hang out with Faith and her roommate Rebecca! It was cool to be able to speak English and spend time with people of both shared faith and experiences. The pictures below actually tell about most of the fun. Hope and I decided that from now on, we have to take pictures any time we see an aboriginal statue.
Lets see, what did we do? Went shopping a bit, visited the ocean, got our hair washed, got sticky pics taken, watched a movie, walked around downtown Taidong, Ate pizza, pasta, nachos, and mcdonalds (sounds like a healthy trip eh?). Oooh yeah and Faith and I got to commiserate about Tim Horton's though she had some that she made for us mmmmmmm. well i used up all my creativity in posting the pictures below, so go look and leave me some comments people!


  1. WELL
    I don't know if anyone will read this, but I was GOING to update before I left for Hong Kong, but blogger seems to be not functioning properly...
    i'll be back in a few days with many pictures :D

  2. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Hey Charlotte,

    It's me Marc, your anonymous Canadian commenter. I have been reading you journal still, just with less frequency because things are busy!

    I thought I'd let you know that I found out my placement for my exchange to Taiwan. I will be staying in Hualien at the Tzu-Chi university during the month of June.

    This means that I'm not really going to be able to learn any mandarin before I come (I was initially going to come in July, so I could study in June).

    We might have to meet up if you're still around!

  3. Hey Marc,
    That's exciting! Hualien is really beautiful and right on the ocean! It's also less polluted than Taipei and other cities in Taiwan... I always get a headache when I stay in Taipei from the poor air quality.... there probably won't be as many English speakers in Hualien, though most of the Doctors will speak English and be eager to pracice. I live about an hour and a half from there, and usually go about once a month or so (to get my starbucks fix lol). It would be fun to meet up with you while you're there!
    I'd recommend buying some kind of phrasebook, lonely planet or something... that will help you a lot!


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