celebrate good times come on...

Saturday we had some new students at English club, and I'm happy to say the class went quite well... we had pretty high participation which is always exciting... class is a lot more fun when the students actually participate in the activities, as has been evidenced in our adult classes.

Saturday afternoon our adult class started with two people, our friends Eva and Thomas (we gave both of them their English names... Eva is one of our hairdressers). They are really cute. We ended up with 6 or 7 students total, but it was really fun to have a small class. We were talking about activities and played a game of "go fish" with word and picture cards.... then we worked with "I like, I love, I don't like, I hate" Eva kind of had this mental block and whenever she wanted to say she loved something (like tennis, dancing etc) she would instead say "I love you!" which would then become "I love you! uh dancing" It was really funny. I had a chance to chat for awhile with my one advanced student that came which was good since we didn't split into two classes. After class one of our students invited us to her house in two weeks after class to pick fruit. I'm looking forward to it! I love hanging out with my students outside of class!

Speaking of students outside of class, I got to see a bunch of my Yu Dong students and some of my Zhuo Feng students at the next event we attended... it was kind of a rally being put on by World Vision Taiwan (which our landlady Shirley works for). It was seriously like this hip hop dance class/presentation that was speaking out against drugs, violence etc. It was really fun, but definitely one of the last things I expected to see while I was in Taiwan. The dancers were really good, and we got to talk to a bunch of high school students.. they were so cute! A couple of them came over to talk to us while we were sitting down and slowly more and more of them kept trickling over until there were about 6 or 7 of them sitting in a circle with us. I wish we could have talked with them more, but the music was really loud so it was hard to hear!

Saturday night we were feeling kind of bored, so we called up Catherine to see if she wanted to play cards. Well she had some relatives visiting, so we ended up playing Phase 10 with a pretty big group. Isn't it ironic that I didn't like Phase 10 in college, and now I'm playing it with relative frequency? Well I guess I knew that would happen when I bought it, but it is such a good game to play... once you get the explanations down, English level doesn't really matter.

Sunday was church as usual... actually we won't be going to Yuli church for the next two Sundays because of course we're going to Hong Kong next weekend, and the weekend after, Catherine's father has invited us to go with a bunch of his friends to Taidong.
We made Mexican food for supper which was great fun, and shared it with Jeff and Shirley! mmmmmmmmm Then we went to play badminton with them!
We're leaving for Taidong in a couple hours. Tis going to be a lot of fun!