When the day is done, down to earth then sinks the sun

Our sick little puppy died today. She's been sick for a couple of weeks, probably longer actually. Good-bye, Frosty. :(

My sick teammate got better, and we were able to team teach our classes on Thursday night and today. They went pretty well. Our adult classes are really fun! It’s quite a change from the Jr. High students. Our Saturday afternoon class was really small, which is ok, though I wish some of our Thursday night students could come on Saturday! It’s a little disproportionate. Anyways, there was some kind of big dance exhibition/ competition going on at the school across from the library today, which everyone and their cockroach wanted to take us to. Anyways, we went for maybe 10 minutes after English club this morning, yet somehow managed to get on TV! Peggy told me later that she’d seen us on TV. Poor dancers performing while we showed up… they’ll have to wait another day for their 15 seconds of fame. Meanwhile we’re going on 5 months of fame… sigh… lol.

I’ve had to relearn how to use chopsticks all over again with my right hand, as my left arm doesn’t have full flexibility yet. Have I mentioned before people’s amazement to my being left-handed? I guess it’s really not common here, and most children are made to use their right hand, even if they are left-handed. I can always hear the whispers of shock on the first day of class when I start writing on the board. Although I had one person tell me they thought it was really “cool”.

So next week will get even busier here’s the schedule:
Monday: Day off
Tuesday: 8-10am ministry meeting and Chinese lesson with Dr. Su
2-4 Teaching at Zhuo Feng Elementary (Grade 5 and 6)
7-8:30 Teaching at Du Karel reading centre (Grades 3-6)
Wednesday: 2-4 Teaching at Yuli Jr. High
7-8:30 Class for English Teachers
Thursday: 3-5 Teaching at San Min Jr. High
7-8:30 Adult English Class
Friday: 3-5 Teaching at Yu Dong Jr. High
Saturday: 8:30-10am English club for teens
1:30-3 Adult English Class
7-9pm Teaching/Speaking at Yuli Church (youth group) on Developing a Global Vision

There is still one and possibly a second elementary school to add to this schedule, and planning time! Wow, I’m tired just thinking about it! Actually it’s a really great job though, I get to interact with so many different people, I get to learn so much every day, and I get to be stretched in my creativity, my teaching ability, my communication, and my world view. This week I’ve been feeling a little bit of pain from this stretching (not to mention my little “mishap” on the bicycle), but I need to focus on the positive and remember why I’m here. I’m not here for myself, to have a vacation or an easy job, but to impact lives, to give the people of this area a push in a new direction, to hopefully increase their scope of opportunity and thought. I’m here to show God’s love, and I can’t let that slip from my view, without that, nothing else has meaning.


  1. sad to hear about your puppy

  2. They used to force kids to write with their right hands in our education system not long ago. My aunt was when she was in school, but I think that was as the small room school houses were beginning to die out (at least in SW Ontario) and education was drastically changing.


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